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We love and care about our customers,
Every AVIS-UKRAINE chicken egg is of superior quality due to our sustainable approach to animal husbandry.

About us

“Avis-Ukraine" LLC is a modern poultry complex, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market for the production of chicken eggs.
The main types of activity of the enterprise are breeding of poultry, wholesale and distribution of trade in food products, and growing of grains including corn, soybeans, sunflower, and production of compound feeds. The company is located in the Sumy region.
Avis-Ukraine LLC has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural business. The private limited liability has a systematic policy of development to maximize its profitability while aiming to be sustainable. Avis Ukraine wants to ensure the highest business standards at all stages and is eager to help local communities.

Our products

Why do our chickens lay nutritious eggs?

  • Livestock of the best European breeds of laying hens
  • high standard of animal
  • Complete and varied

Why chicken eggs from Avis-Ukraine?

Do not contain GMOs and antibiotics

a quality product that does not contain harmful impurities.

Tasty and healthy

Eggs contain many nutrients and vitamins. Products for those who choose healthy food.

Testing in our modern laboratory

Constant control of balanced feed and quality of finished products

Collecting and sending eggs every day

Well-established and clear logistics, selling only the freshest eggs.

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