LLC Avis-Ukraine - the largest in the Sumy region producer of eggs and poultry products


The publication of the magazine "Business News", July 2012.
"LLC" Avis-Ukraine "- the largest in the Sumy region producer of eggs and poultry products"
Olefir Alexander, director kosovschinskoy poultry farm "Avis-Ukraine":
"Kosovschinskoe dietary egg - freshest egg, which comes to the table of the consumer in the same day, when it was demolished.
The history of the poultry farm "Avis-Ukraine" - the largest producer in the Sumy region of eggs, egg products and poultry meat - has more than 22 years of fruitful work. The first phase of the poultry farm was launched in the village Kosivschyna Sumy region in December 1987 rock. The company then became known as "Poultry" Sums¬kaya. " The design capacity is 370 yew. chickens-nesuchek.
In 2010, after two years of forced inactivity kom¬pleks property, which consists from 25 poultry houses, shops enrichment feed inku¬batora, Slaughterhouse worker and assistive technology workshops got a new owner in the face of "Avis-Ukraine". In the short term was unrealistic a lot of work to overhaul facilities and complete replacement of the main technological equipment of poultry houses. Today, technology, health and micro-climatic conditions of the birds in the poultry farm Kosovschinskoy fully meet the highest requirements.
In June 2010, the party elite poultry purchased chickens from the famous German company "Lomman-Tirtsuht" - the best European nesuchek with the highest consumer properties produced eggs. It is full of the most complete proteins, vitamins, trace elements and fully complies with the Food Standards of Ukraine and countries of the EEC. Health birds controls modern laboratory complex, the best foreign vaccines protect them from diseases. To expand the range of products purchased batch of chickens breed "Hajseks Brown" best producer "brown eggs" in Europe.
In 2011, were put into operation two of the house with tech lines and Big Dutchman Salmet (Germany), which expanded the number up to 620 thousand. Nesuchek chickens, and the volume of daily supply of eggs increased to 600 thousand units. Was renovated new egg store that meets all veterinary and sanitary standards.
In 2012 it is planned to launch two more modern equipment for the house Salmet and customize their own production of animal feed.
Kosovschinskoy egg poultry farm of the best quality, which is formed due to a complete diet feeding in terms of content, the cleanliness of equipment and microclimate of the house. In addition, the production of eggs missing all potentially hazardous materials (antibiotics biostimulants feed of animal origin). During the day is collected eggs in the house, sorting and packing eggs in sorting workshop, which guarantees the freshness of the product.
Today poultry farm products sold under the trademarks "Kosivschyna", "Rooster", "EcoDar", "Kvochkina", "Kokoray" and in a short period found its regular customers not only in Sumy region, but in many regions of Ukraine.
We are glad that every day we have the opportunity to deliver to the table compatriots highest dietary egg products at affordable prices.

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