Despite the two-year absence kosovschinskogo eggs on the market, people know him only on the positive side


Kosovschina poultry farm (now Avis-Ukraine) resumed its activities and offers sumchanam products even better quality.On the revival of enterprises, especially the production and plans for the future says Sergey Kalashnikov, director of "Avis-Ukraine".

When I first learned about sumchane Kosovschinskoy poultry farm?

History Kosovschinskoy poultry farm - the largest in the Sumy region producer of eggs, egg products and poultry meat - has more than 22 years. The first phase of the poultry farm was commissioned in December 1987. In 1996 the company was reorganized into OJSC "Ptitsesovhoz" Peace "." Until 2010, more than two years Poultry idle, not producing products, there were no payments to the budgets and funds.

The revival of the enterprise was not so long ago. Tell me, how did this happen?

In early 2010, the property complex of the poultry farm of 25 poultry houses, shops enrichment feed, hatchery, slaughterhouse and assistive technology workshops, was acquired by an investor LLC "Avis-Ukraine". Less than six months a lot of work for a complete overhaul of poultry houses, purchase of new equipment.

In March 2010, at a poultry farm Kosovschinskuyu arrived batch of 210 thousand. Elite chickens famous German company "Loma Tirtsuht." This is the best European breeds with high consumer qualities of eggs. It is the most full of protein, vitamins and trace elements. Health monitors bird modern laboratory complex, the best European vaccine to protect them from disease, in the production of antibiotics are not used. Now technological, sanitary and microclimate conditions of poultry to meet the stringent requirements of the supplier of chickens and egg corresponds to food standards of Ukraine and the EU.

To expand the range of products in November 2010, it was purchased 70 thousand. Chicken breed "Hajseks Brown" - the best producer of "brown" eggs in Europe. Given the promising planting in May 2011, it is planned to bring the herd chickens to 360 thousand. Pieces, and the amount of the daily supply of eggs on the table of our countrymen to 340 thousand. Pc.

What amount of investment needed to revive the poultry farm?

Total to date for the reconstruction of production capacity and launch production of eggs has already invested more than 27 million. UAH.

Which state enterprise?

At present, created more than 160 jobs. The investment program of "Avis-Ukraine" provides, in 2011 an increase in egg production 20 times and increase jobs in the poultry farm of up to 200 employees.

Thereby forming a high quality of consumer products, and how it differs from kosovschinskoe egg eggs from other manufacturers?

Before making a decision to invest in Kosovschinskuyu poultry farm was held in-depth analysis of consumer preferences sumchan. Despite the two-year absence kosovschinskogo eggs on the market, sumchane remember him only on the positive side and wondered about the reasons for the closure of factories that produce such high-quality and high demand product.

Therefore, when you run the factory main task that we set, it was not to destroy formed at sumchan positive image kosovschinskogo eggs.

Not having the time to experience in the poultry industry, we toured dozens of poultry farms in Ukraine and Europe, the majority of workers interviewed last years Kosovschinskoy poultry farm, to understand what the basic principles of the production of extremely high quality eggs.

As a result, we have developed for the three main standards that must comply with the new Kosovschinskaya poultry.

High-quality egg can produce exclusively healthy birds - from purchasing chicks best European manufacturers and the latest certified vaccines against diseases and continuing daily laboratory control, all our activities are aimed at ensuring the health of the birds.

Taste and dietary quality eggs are formed mainly at the expense of properly balanced food - we buy only food of plant origin only in the best Ukrainian producers. We do not use when feeding meat and bone meal that, though greatly reduces the cost of production, but a negative effect on dietary egg quality. In addition, there is already building its own plant for the production of animal feed in order to reduce the cost of production and quality control of food.

The fresher the egg, the faster it will be delivered to the table sumchan, the more nutrients received by the buyer at his hand. The fact that an egg with one hand, being long-storage products, retains its essential properties during the dietary weeks. That is why we set ourselves the task and formed its own sales and logistics service to ensure the delivery of the best possible fresh eggs in Sumy outlets. The average period between orders outlets of our products was reduced to 2-3 days. The increasing volume of orders is retail outlets Sumy allows us to assert that the rate Kosovschinskoy poultry farm for sale exclusively fresh eggs positively valued customers.

What are the immediate development plans Kosovschinskoy poultry farm?

First, we received the first batch of brown eggs from hens breed "Hajseks-Brown." That is today Kosovschinskaya poultry supplies its customers all the possible range of egg products.

Secondly, we are expanding the options for consumer packaging. Since April 2011 our products can be purchased in supermarkets in convenient plastic package of 10 pieces. We planned update their production facilities, and has already signed a contract for the supply and installation of our factory-the-art cellular equipment manufactured by BigDuchman for simultaneous landing in the house 90 thousand. Chickens.

Paul Parfentiev

Published: Business magazine Sumy entrepreneurs


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